Hammer & Chisel: Day 10

Almost done with two weeks! Today I’m just gonna skip passed my normal talk about the workout and eating because I feel like it’s just the same post over and over again.

I did push hard during my workout but throughout the day I just felt demotivated. I stayed on point with my eating so that’s not what I’m talking about. I am more demotivated because the scale is not moving. And I’m losing inches but not a lot. I’m not one to ever let this really discourage me, but for some reason it’s really bothering me.

I’m a big believer of ditching the scale because it’s not always right. My goal when I started was to build muscle. I may very well be doing this, but you’d think I’d be losing more inches.

I know it’s only day 10 and I have a long way to go I just don’t want this to keep me down!

I’m contemplating increasing my calorie intake but not sure if that’s a good idea.

Tomorrow is rest day so maybe my body just needs a little extra recovery. My mind sure does!

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