Hammer & Chisel: Day 11 & 12

So sorry I have been slacking! I’m combing yesterday and today because yesterday was my rest day!

Yesterday I enjoyed sleeping in an extra hour since I didn’t have to get up and workout. My dogs enjoyed it too!

My eating was on point all day, except for dinner. My parents are in town for the weekend so we will be eating out a lot more than I’d like! I just have to make more conscious decisions!

So last night I didn’t eat badly, I tried not to stray away from my plan too much so I opted for a salad. I only really need to eat one serving of protein and veggies. I had a bigger portion than that in my salad and also had ranch dressing which is not the best choice. But I’m still proud of myself for not caving and getting wings and a beer (which is what I wanted to get)! So I think that’s a non-scale victory!

I did weigh myself this morning and was up at little bit from yesterday. I’m not too worried though because we ate a lot later than I’m used to eating dinner and I went to bed right away when I got home. Plus I know the portion was too big. So that’s what I’m attributing to my weight gain and I know it will go down again! 🙂

Keeping in mind that we will probably eat out again tonight and tomorrow, I really pushed in my workout this morning. It was more geared towards powerlifting (which is something I’ve never done!) so it was a whole new concept to me, but I enjoyed it! I upped my weights as much as I could!

I’d like to think my arms are starting to tone more, but I don’t have a comparison picture besides a reflection in the mirror! But I feel like I’m getting stronger so I think I’m making progress!

I’m debating about posting my two week progress pictures this weekend. But haven’t decided just yet if I want to! But at the very least I’ll post my measurements!

Happy Friday to you all! Wish me luck on my adventures eating out this weekend!

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