Hammer & Chisel: Day 13-15

I’m behind on my blog again! But we’ve had family in town so it’s been kind of hard to write!

Days 13-15 (Saturday through today, Monday) went by so quickly!!

Saturday I woke up early and got my workout done first thing because we had a breakfast date with my parents and in-laws at 8:30am. I also got a 20 minute run in after my workout to loosen up my legs for the half marathon on Sunday!

These were the cute leggings and new sports bra I snagged from the Victoria Secret deal!

We met our family for breakfast and I did good with my eating, just ate too much of it. Which was ok with me because I knew the next day I would need the extra food for energy!

Saturday night killed me with my food… I broke down and cheated on my meal plan and had some hot wings. Which was totally a bad mistake to do because I regretted it in the morning and during my race! So no more cheating on my meal plan for a while, my tummy does not like it when I do that.

Sunday was race day! A whole 13.1 miles down and a sore and cramping body after wards – meant a successful race!

I think I stretched for a good hour after the race!

Since the race was on Sunday, our family had to leave right away after the race so they could get on the road and get home somewhat early.

We said our goodbyes and I immediately retired to the couch when I got home and didn’t move for almost the rest of the day!

I was so tired and sore that I even discovered I could order my groceries online and they’d be delivered to my house the next day… So I ordered our groceries in! (Laziness at its finest) šŸ˜† As long as I didn’t have to move, I could wait an extra day to get our groceries! Who even knew you could do that?

I was so exhausted so I went to bed pretty early yesterday! I had full intentions of still getting my workout in after the race yesterday but my body was not having it. Sometimes you just need to rest!

So I did yesterday’s workout today and will be behind a day until Thursday!

I also decided that I was going to up my calories and move into the next calorie bracket on my plan because I’m not seeing too much change. (I promised my measurement updates this weekend so I’ll get them in here later today!) since I’m not seeing a lot of change I wanted to go up one bracket (I was on the lowest one) to see if my body just needed more energy to burn through. I thought it might be storing more right now cause I’m burning too much during my workouts. So hopefully making this change is what I need!

**Measurement Update:
Chest: 34.75 inches (-.25 inches)
R. arm: 11.5 inches (-.25 inches)
L. arm: 11.5 inches
Waist: 30 inches (-1 inch)
Hips: 37.5 inches
R. thigh: 21.5 inches (-.5 inches)
L. thigh: 21.5 inches (-.5 inches)
R. calf: 14 inches (+.5 inches)
L. calf: 14 inches (+.5 inches)
Weight: 141.8 lbs (-2.2 lbs)


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