Hammer & Chisel: Day 16-21

I know its been a few days since I’ve checked in here. I thought it might be annoying to be posting day by day about my progress so I decided I will update every few days, at least once a week.

With that being said, it’s been a very slow week! After completing the half marathon on Sunday, my body was SO tight and sore for a few days! I finally started feeling better on Friday! Since I had missed my regular workout on Sunday, I was behind a day and had originally decided to get back on schedule on Thursday and skip my rest day.

When Wednesday came though, I knew I needed my rest day. As I said, my body was still so sore and tired. I couldn’t pass up my rest day. So I doubled up my workout on Wednesday to get back on schedule Thursday! When Friday came, I was feeling 100% better!

{I’ve talked about this before, but rest days are so imperative for your body! It needs rest, most importantly to keep making any progress. So ALWAYS listen to what your body needs.}

Yesterday, I got my husband out with me to run what is known as the happiest 5K on earth, the Color Run! He’s not much of a runner but he went with me anyways and ran most of it with me! We had a blast, despite the cooler weather. Here is pre color run and post color run:

Something I’ve talked about before but have been afraid to do myself: eat more calories. What I mean is, to eat more calories when you’re trying to lose weight but gain muscle.  For the first two or so weeks of this program I’ve been eating between 1,200-1,499 calories. This has kept me pretty much at the same weight and not losing too many inches. I’ve also spent many evenings starving after I have eaten all my food. Society forms our minds to think that to lose weight you need to eat less calories. Well this is true, but when you have been eating at a deficit for so long your body starts to go into starvation mode and will actually start storing the food you eat as fat because it thinks it won’t get enough food. This is obviously the opposite of what I am trying to achieve. I want to lose fat not store it! You can imagine my anger and frustration with this! I decided to eat more. What? Eat MORE food? Yes! This week I bumped my calorie intake to 1,500-1,799. Guess what happened? I lost weight! Imagine that?!

I knew this might happen if my body was truly storing fat, I just have never had to do this before so I was kind of nervous to see if that was the reason. But I’m glad I did because I’m no longer hungry at night and I’m starting to progress more! This is the end of week three and here are my stats:

Chest: 34.5 inches (-.25 inches)
R. arm: 11.5 inches
L. arm: 11.5 inches
Waist: 29.5 inches (-.5 inches)
Hips:37.25 inches (-.25 inches)
R. thigh: 21 inches (-.5 inches)
L. thigh: 21 inches (-.5 inches)
R. calf: 14 inches
L. calf: 14 inches
Weight: 140.4 lbs (-1.4 lbs)

And now to celebrate my Broncos win!

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