Hammer & Chisel: Days 22-29

This last week seems like a whirl wind and also so long ago at the same time. I sat down to write this on Saturday but I got side tracked so here we are!

I just completed week 4 of my workout program and I’m loving every minute of it! I actually gained weight from last week but I lost another inch. It’s weird how the scale is pretty useless. I’m telling you, throw that thing out or hide it!

Here is my current 4 week progress pic:

I’m hoping the second half of this program my muscles will start tone more and become more apparent, because I know they are they somewhere!

My eating was pretty good this week despite my cravings for pizza! On Friday night I went out with a girl friend and had a total cheat meal haha, chips and salsa, quesadillas, and margaritas!

Since I still had my craving for pizza, my hubby and I spent date night making our own healthier versions of pizza.

His was a regular pepperoni masterpiece and mine was chicken with pineapple!

Like seriously so good, I made another for lunch on Sunday! 😜 and we may have had some ice cream too…

But that’s ok! That’s probably why my weight went up a tad bit, but totally fine with me!

This week I’m focusing on organizing my life. I’m going to go day by day and plan out everything because lately I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed and stressed! I also want to really grow my online fitness business so I need to get that more organized too. So I went and bought this lovely planner from Day Designer. I haven’t even planned anything yet and I am so in love with this!

Anyways, I’ll try to update you on how my planning and organizing goes! I used to be so good at this stuff and lately I feel like I could use some serious help!

Happy first day of February!

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