Hammer & Chisel: Day 30-37

I am more than half way done! YAY! I just started week 6 out of 8 weeks so only a little bit more to go!

I am definitely seeing changes. This has been such a mental journey for me though. When you want to lose weight, the goal is for the scale to move down, so it’s been super hard for me to know that I am making progress when the scale stays the same (or even goes up in some cases). But my goal is also to gain lean muscle and not just lose weight. I haven’t even gotten on the scale the last few days just for this reason.

I can see the differences in my clothes and how they fit. In my jeans, its tighter around my booty but loose around my waist (booty gains!). So even though the scale is not moving, I know something is working!

This last week has been a struggle for me nutrition wise though. I am constantly craving sweets and can’t seem to kick the craving. I have been sticking to my plan the best I can though with a few minor cheats.

This last weekend we had family in town and did some fun stuff around the city so I splurged a little bit! It was also Super Bowl so I may have had some yummy food on Sunday.

This may not be a big deal to you, but my relationship with food has always been a struggle. I used to do those crash diets starting when I was a teenager. Because of this, I have always restricted myself from eating things because in my mind it was “bad” or would “make me fat”. I’ve learned so much since those days, but it really did mess with mind. I still struggle with allowing myself to enjoy a cookie or two and not feel bad about it later. I am so much better about it than I used to be. But, it’s still a battle I’m fighting. So if any of you struggle with something similar, just know that it is OK to treat yourself and you DO NOT need to feel bad about it. We work our bodies hard with exercise and supplying it with the right nutrition. It’s worse for us to be 100% restrictive all the time instead of allowing our bodies to have a treat now and then. Love your body and treat it right and it will treat you right in return.

I’m hoping this week I can kick my sweet tooth (even though it’s valentines day this weekend!😊) Have a wonderful week friends!




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