Hammer & Chisel: Day 38 – 40

Coming up on the end of week 6! Only two more weeks to go!

This week has been a struggle, like big time. I had to workout in the afternoon 3 times this week because I couldn’t get out of bed. I’m not one to be really lazy so I’m not sure if I was just so tired or if it really was laziness. Either way it sucked because it threw off my whole routine.

I got all my workouts in regardless, but my eating has been bleh. I was able to finish meal prepping on Monday night so during the day my food was good. I ate what I was supposed to! It’s when I got home was where my problem was. I was just so hungry that I would just eat way more than what I should have.

I didn’t eat too terrible, I mostly had chicken or beef with wheat pasta and steamed broccoli. But then I had a fierce craving for chocolate… So I had a lot of chocolate, too much chocolate. All the chocolate before bed is probably what made me to dang groggy the next morning.

I have no one to blame but myself for my uncontrollable chocolate splurges. Which lead to a whack routine this week.

I need to stay away from chocolate or figure out how to control my cravings because I’m sabotaging myself. šŸ˜«

Happy Valentines Weekend! I hope you enjoy all the goodies and do something for yourself! šŸ’•

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