Hammer & Chisel: Day 41-45

Last week sucked because of my eating. The weekend sucked because of my eating. This week sucks because I’m sick!

Back in the good eating wagon and I feel great for that! But I feel crappy because I caught whatever my husband was sick with this weekend.

Valentine’s Day was Sunday as you know, but it was also the return of the walking dead (my favorite) so we celebrated V-Day on Saturday! That’s when my hubby started feeling really crummy, but we had a nice day never the less. Sunday he was stuck in bed all day so we binged watched the last season of the walking dead and ate crap. We ate bagels, donuts, pizza, and leftover dinner from the day before. CRAP. I felt so sick!

The good news was that Monday I started my clean eating group and was right back on track and felt so much better!

Now I have come down with what my husband had and while I can’t taste my food, I know that it’s good for me! But bad because I’m tired to work out. I haven’t missed a workout yet (those have been great!) so we will see if I get mine in tonight.

I went back down to my starting calorie bracket however. With only two weeks left of this program, I’m needing all the help! I want to be a little more lean because we are finally taking our honeymoon next month and I want to look good on the beach! We put it off because we both had started new jobs after moving and neither of us had time off from work, so now we get to enjoy the beautiful sunny beaches of Jamaica!

With that in mind I’m pushing these last few weeks to get all that I can done, which basically means my nutrition needs to be 100% spot on! 👌🏻 So here is to the last week and a half of my program! I can’t wait to see the results!!

I posted this photo in my Instagram account (follow me on my instagram for more about my fitness journey!) because I needed a reminder of where I started. I’ve come a long way! Everyone just needs to remember never give up! You can do it! If you ever have questions about my journey don’t hesitate to ask me! 😊

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