Typical Grocery Haul

I get a lot of questions about what I buy at the store and what I cook from week to week so I thought I’d tell you about my typical grocery trip!

Usually on Sunday’s (I’m trying to push towards Saturday’s) I make a list of everything I need for the store.

I start with the things we eat weekly that we are out of or are about to run out of. Things like: eggs, milk, yogurt, oatmeal, bananas, blueberries, or carrots.

Then I decide what meals we will eat for dinners and lunches. I get more of those ingredients if needed. For my lunches I can eat the same thing all week so I usually pick one protein, one veggie, and one carb to make for the whole week. I change up my husbands lunches based off of leftovers! So this week I went with chicken, green beans, and quinoa for my lunches.

Then I add on anything else we need around the house like toilet paper, cleaning supplies, or dog food.

And I’m slightly OCD so I make a new list of everything in order of how the store is organized. It just makes it easier for me! And I like to be live it saves me time!

**Tip: Stay in the outer rims of the grocery store! This is where the fresher food is. Items on the inner isles are usually loaded with preservatives and I try to eat as fresh as possible!**

Hope this helps you!

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