Hammer & Chisel: Day 46-51 

Hallelujah! It’s WEEK 8! The last week of this program!!! I’m in the home stretch! I can’t wait to see my results next week!

This past week went fairly good. My eating killed me over the weekend again. I just really struggle keeping it together over the weekend. Anyone else have this problem? How do you over come it?

Here is some of my week 7 progress! Hello back muscles!
I haven’t weighed myself or taken any measurements in a while (it’s been a few weeks now) so I’m anxious to see what my results are like on Monday. I’m thinking that they will be ok, but definitely not the best since I can’t get control of my binge eating over the weekends.

Nutrition really is key to slimming down your body. If you want that six pack, you have to be on point with your nutrition. Working out will only do so much. Eating the right foods is how you will maximize your results.

I know this. I preach this to people. So why can’t I dial in with my own nutrition? I’m being real here when I say, it’s hard. Working out and eating right consistently is a challenge!

You can see I struggle every day with it. But in my mind it’s definitely worth the struggle. I know that eating on the weekends is a weakness for me, because I have no set schedule. Weekends are relaxed and I take it pretty easy. I know that I need to get control of this problem or I will plateau. So, I’m working on it. I am trying to overcome it and eventually I will!

I am just throwing this out there for anyone else that struggles with this or something similar. You’re not alone!

I will be trying my absolute hardest this weekend to stay on track since I’m finishing up this program! Actually, I think I’ll be starting another round because I love it so much, but I still want to track my 60 day progress for everyone!

If you ever questions about my journey don’t hesitate to comment or contact me!

My lunches and snacks for today. (See totally on point during the week) ugh… Weekends.

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