Hammer & Chisel: Day 52-56


Sunday was my last day of this 8 week program! I’m so excited!!

Before I jump into my results and progress photos, I want to just recap this whole program.

First, as I’ve said before nutrition is key. If you really want to see amazing results with any workout you do, you have to dial in your nutrition!

So overall I probably ate like 85% clean and it shows in my results! I’m still what I call “fluffy”. I played around with my calories during the program (which I learned I shouldn’t have) and I had a problem controlling my eating on the weekends. So I obviously didn’t lean out like I wanted to. But I know that’s my own fault!

Second, I LOVE this program! There is so much muscle confusion going on that my body didn’t really even understand what I was doing until week 6. Because then it was like “oh heyyy, I’m gonna drop some weight now, I see what you’re tryna do”. This goes back to my eating, if I would have stayed consistent instead of changing my calories and not binging on the weekends, my body would have shredded more pounds!

I also love this program because the workouts are different week to week. I’m not repeating the same exercises every week on the same day. I’m challenged every day because of this!

Third, hello booty! Nothing else needs to be said about that, haha.

Lastly, I’ve never been able to increase my weights before like I have with this program. I’ve gained more muscle than ever and I’m actually wanting to gain more instead of just lose weight. This is a first because my whole life my goal has just been to lose weight.

I must say that my biggest obstacle (besides getting my eating down) was my mentality. This program confused the heck out of me and challenged my mind so much! Like I said, my goal has always been to lose weight. Well when you’re increasing your weights, what else is going to happen? You’re going to gain muscle. That will make the scale either stay the same or go up. I struggled with that number on the scale! Seriously, I’m hiding my scale for round two of this program because it just messes with my mind. Let me tell you something, you are NOT defined by that number. That number does not CONTROL you. So seriously, get rid of the scale or hide it or do whatever you need to do you don’t look at it. It’s bull shit! Instead, measure yourself because measurements don’t lie. Neither do photos. And neither does measuring your progress by the way clothes fit. So throw the scale out. Seriously, do it.

My point is, you need to get your mind right and not let it get you down if you’re seeing slow progress at the beginning of a program. Most people that have down this program see most results between weeks 5-8. Because that’s when it clicks with their bodies. As I said, this program is confusing your body to the max with everything it’s working. So be patient and trust the program and the trainers that designed this. They know what they are doing!

Ok, on to my results! Here are my starting and ending measurements:

Dec. 31 2015
Chest: 35 inches
R. Arm: 11.75 inches
L. Arm: 11.5 inches
Waist: 31 inches
Hips: 37.5 inches
R. Thigh: 22 inches
L. Thigh: 22 inches
R. Calf: 13.5 inches
L. Calf: 13.5 inches
Weight: 144 lbs

Feb. 28 2016
Chest: 35 inches
R. Arm: 11.75 inches
L. Arm: 11.75 inches
Waist: 29inches
Hips: 37 inches
R. Thigh: 20.5 inches
L. Thigh: 20.5 inches
R. Calf: 14 inches
L. Calf: 13.75 inches
Weight: 139 lbs

Overall I lost 5 pounds and 4.75 inches!

Here are my photos!


If you are interested in knowing more about this program just let me know! I’m happy to answer any questions! I think this is a great program and I definitely recommend it!

I’m starting round 2 this week and anyone is welcome to join me!

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