Fixing Carpet

I thought I’d share how I fixed the holes in my carpet. Yes, holes. We have a puppy and of course leaving her alone for 5 seconds resulted in her chewing the carpet. Multiple times.

When it happened I was mortified! Mostly because we are in a rental right now and I had NO idea how we would fix this!

But I’m here to tell you it’s actually a VERY easy fix!

All you need is a few tools:

1. Carpet Seam roller
2. Carpet cutter
3. Carpet patch
4. Hot glue gun
5. Carpet shears (or really sharp scissors) – Not pictured.

If you are patching a corner you will need a few extra tools but I just needed to patch a hole in the middle of the carpet. I found the carpet tools at Lowe’s, but any carpet store will have them.

The first step is to clear the hole of any loose carpet strings or debris. It needs to be a clear area. Use your carpet cutter to cut a patch of carpet that will fit your hole. You want it small enough so it’s not overlapping the existing carpet (it it overlaps your carpet will be uneven).

Place it in the hole to make sure it fits. Use carpet shears to cut off any excess material.

Take out the patch and put hot glue into the hole. Place the carpet patch into the hole and use the carpet seam roller to roller over the patch and help it set in.

Use the scissors to cut off a little bit of the top of the carpet so it’s level with the rest of the carpet.

And hello carpet that looks like it’s never been touched!

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