Well it’s been a while…

WOW! It’s been a good 3 months since my last post. SORRY!
I just got really busy and forgot to keep up my blog. So really quick I’ll catch you all up and I’ll be sharing a recipe later today!

Since April, we bought a house and moved! So now we are fixing up our little house! That takes up most of our time! 

Fitness is still one of my top priorities and I’m always battling my love for food šŸ˜Š I do have my own gym room now that we are in the new house! I LOVE having my own space that doesn’t double as a living room. It does double as an office, but it’s my own space and my office is where I keep in touch with my clients anyways so it’s working out really great!

My hubby and I recently started a 31 day challenge to strengthen our marriage! I haven’t decided yet if I want to write about the experience. I’m still debating about that!

Along with our house came a pool and the dogs LOVE the pool. They swim almost every day. Well, my lab does. The puppy still isn’t sure about that water all the way. The puppy is also getting really big! She’s almost a year and is already taller than my big lab!

That sums it up for now! Check back later for a yummy protein pancake recipe! 

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