Hi I’m Lauren! I’m 26, a wife, a new mom to a little girl, and a momma to three fur babies. I love all things fitness and living healthy. I also love getting messy in the kitchen.

My blog is about creating and maintaing a healthy lifestyle. It’s about living a life you design and forgetting about all the craziness of life. I share my experiences and tips I find helpful on reaching your fitness goals and how to stay there! You can find recipes for healthy treats and meals here.

The reason I’m so passionate about living a healthy lifestyle is because I have always struggled with my weight and personal image. I never felt good about myself until I actually tried to make a difference. For years I tried all the crash diets and while they worked for the time being, I always went back to the weight I was before because none of them actually did anything good for my body. I’ve always been very active, but what I’ve learned is your body is made in the kitchen. A big reason why none of the crash diets worked – they don’t provide the right nutrients your body needs to flourish. It’s all about balance, and once I figured that out, I actually became happy with myself. Life is so much better when you are happy in your own skin.


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